we are roasting in short cycles

by borom ndar

Did you know that we are running a small artisanal roastery in Saint-Louis, with various premium quality Ethiopian coffees? These coffees make excellent cups, and particularly so due to the fact that we are roasting our beans very slowly with a gaz roaster that we designed ourselves. A slow roast means that we roast one batch for almost twenty minutes, and this makes interesting coffee profiles, suitable for demanding tastes and  Arabica coffee lovers.

Ndar Ndar kahvipussit.jpg

These coffees can be tasted in our local coffee shop Ndar Ndar Music & Café located at Rue Blaise Diagne, opposite Hotel de la Tour. If you are in Dakar, you can also discover these coffees at SUUF Coffee in Nord Foire. We have also a stand at the Dakar Farmers Market in Marina Bay (Route de l’Aéroport) every first Saturday of the month – welcome to say hello and talk coffee!

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