all that jazz.. and afrobeat and mangoes

Saint-Louis is pampered with great music and great jazzy vibes thanks to Saint-Louis Jazz Festival and numerous off-gigs in various venues in town. To celebrate the occasion we have ignited our roaster again to make a fresh new batch of coffee. This time the journey of the beans can be traced back all the way to Cameroon. We suggest you give this coffee a try as an ice latte and while you’re at it, you can indulge yourself with not just jazz and mbalax but also some recently acquired great vintage vinyls, starting from Fela Kuti, Orchestra Baobab and Bamako Rail band! We have not only a new batch of coffee but a batch of some great classic albums for you to browse – a chance not to be missed!

Vinyyli 3

Last but not least, a small side note: as the mango season is about to begin, we have been dreaming of getting creative again with cakes.. only one thing seems to be missing: we are out of gelatine and so far have not been able to locate the stuff on the island. So if you have an idea where to find it, or how to replace it with some perhaps lesser known traditional method, please do let us know. If your lead helps us, we’ll invite you for a treat!