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I am Jarmo Pikkujamsa, a visual artist and a researcher and I am coordinating art projects in the artists’ residence called WAAW in Saint-Louis, Senegal. This vibrant place is the epitome of all things organic that just makes me happy and drives me into work with movement and rhythm and apparent stillness, elements that I hope to communicate in my handmade alternative photography and video installations.


You can also have a look at some of my works on my website here and on Instagram here


  • Participation in several collaborative photography and music projects during 2012-2016 (Senegal); Collective exhibition at Galérie Ethiopiques: Dessins & Design, 2017.
  • Solo exhibitions: Sabaru Demb (Senegal, 2015), Jamonoo Ngi Nii (Dakar Biennale OFF 2016), Ça bouge (Festival Le Fleuve en Couleurs, 2017) Quelque chose germe à la Folie du Baron (Hôtel La Résidence, 2017)


  • Upcoming publication (ed.): “The Waaw Experience”. A retrospective on five years of artists’ residence and international exchange in Saint-Louis  (2018)
  • Upcoming publication: “Pinnan alla: Seydou ruumiinnostaja” (2018)
  • Xóot – A photography book and exhibition (May 2018)

At times I sit down and roast coffee, another passion of mine. You can taste organic coffees at  Ndar Ndar and while at it, Oumar can play your favourite African tune – or introduces you to new ones – to spice your coffee with. There is also a small backroom space that we use for exhibitions. Do pop in if you are in town!


Galérie Éthiopiques is our small and yet very active gallery that shows works by both local Senegalese and international artists. From February 2018 the gallery will run shows at the Waaw Studios on Rue Blaise Diagne close to the main mosque (North) at the Baobab House.